Eating fish and seafood is the best healthy diet which gives the ample amount of nutrition to your body. Fish has got lots of nutrition packed in it and there are some other benefits too like healthy monosaturated fats, protein, and omega-3 fatty acids. As, fishes were packed with such good things, but due to our continuous play with the environment, fishes are also affected by it.

Fukushima power plant meltdown and due to the poisonous environment, almost all the fishes are loaded with the unsafe levels of radiation and mercury. Every single fish on this planet have some level of mercury and some of them have higher levels of mercury than others. Here, you can find the list of 10 contaminated fish that can affect your health adversely. You should avoid these fishes completely or eat in small quantity. If, you are an expectant mother, than you should avoid it totally.


This includes almost all the meat eating sharks like Blacktip, Shortfin Mako, Thresher shark, and Longfin Mako. As, the sharks at the top of the food chain, their major source of food is the fish. So, this means that whatever the fish have the mercury and radiation, it gets accumulate at the stomach of the sharks. It’s a bit ironic that many people eat shark products like pill supplements, health drinks, soups, and even shark steaks. So, this is the misconception that shark is the healthy food.

In fact, this misconception is so terrible that the world’s largest companies added shark steaks as the healthy food at the Taste of Chicago food fest. But, it quite opposite that shark meats and shark products are not fit for the human consumption. If, you read the various articles on this subject, then it is not written anywhere that consuming the shark meat and shark product has the medicinal benefits.