When you are paid a lot for doing your job, you will definitely invest your earnings in something big and expensive. This is exactly what celebrities are doing. They make the most out of their earnings by building mansions, filled with areas and facilities that we don’t normally see in an ordinary home. Given their fame and success in their respective fields, these celebrities have managed to create a majestic place for them to live.

If you are wondering which celebrities have splurged on their abodes, here is a list of the top 10 celebrities with the most expensive homes.

1Ozzy Osbourne, Hidden Hills, California ($10 million)

This Black Sabbath lead singer eventually had his own self-titled reality show. He has also established himself as the Godfather of Heavy Metal. Given the success Ozzy Osbourne has accomplished in his field, he was able to invest in such a huge property in the state of California. This 10,953 square foot home composed of six bedrooms and ten bathrooms definitely deserves a spot in the list.