The late crocodile hunter Steve Irwin is best recollected for his enthusiastic and goofy demeanor. Turns out his son, Robert, has inherited Steve’s best characters and is as goofy as his acclaimed papa. Don’t conceive us? Well, then you must see a video recently affixed by Robert that will probably acquire you believe that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

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Recently, Robert Irwin made a exhilarating charade video about the brand new “species” that is increasingly becoming endangered–toilet paper

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Last week, 16 -year-old Robert Irwin went on a operation. And not only any mission. He went on the ultimate journey to find and paper one of the most endangered species of the planet. And no, we’re not speaking about the Amur leopard or black rhino, which both are critically endangered.

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Lately, a brand new “species” has been propagandized to the edge of extinction–toilet paper. In his funny parody video, Robert Irwin pesters toilet paper hoarders who made this sanitary item a uncommon sight on the supermarket shelves.

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For those of you who don’t know this yet, Robert Irwin is a talented wildlife photographer who starts his video promising witness a look at some rare animal he hopes to shoot with his camera. The video establishes Irwin constituting his nature through the wilderness as startling music plays in the background.

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Then, unexpectedly, he drawn attention to that rarely-seen beast we’ve all been waiting for–a roll of toilet paper. Let’s be honest now, for some of us, it’s genuine that we hardly ever get to see it fully in stock, so maybe that’s where we all have to go look for it now?

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The hilarious video, filled with Robert’s commentary that perfectly mimics his late father, came precisely in time for April Fool’s Day and has an important message: parties should stop panic buying things and really soak their hands!

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Here’s the full video

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An incredible expedition sought for one of the most illusive and endangered species on countries around the world. I can’t believe we finally procured it !

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